Waldron Arts Center – A Heaven of the Art Students

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The building of the John Waldron Arts Center was constructed by George Weaver in the year of 1915. The designers of the building were F.P Riedel and John Nicholas. The initial purpose of the building was to use as first city hall of Bloomington. City’s finest public auditorium was here. The offices in this building include mayor office, office of police department and fire department.

Later this building turned into the center of arts by the Bloomington Area Arts Council (BAAC). For the art center, BAAC received a large amount of donation from Mrs. Cecile Waldron who proposed the name of the building, John Waldron Arts Center. John was her late husband. On May 2, 1992, the John Waldron Arts Center was opened for public and after that it became one of finest places of Bloomington.

Now the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center is the destination of the artists, performers and educators. Especially this is a beloved place of the art students. The arts students come from different part of the world to be a qualified artist because the classes are taken by the highly qualified and professional teachers. For more information about the Ivy Tech John Waldron Art Center, click here.

The Waldron Arts Center is not visited only by the students, but also by tourists who love artworks. Indeed, the visitors that come to Bloomington don’t leave this place without visiting this finest arts center.

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